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Why Study in USA?

The USA has been a favoured destination for higher education among candidates across the globe for ages. According to the U.S. News & World Report, out of the 100 Global Universities, around 48 top universities are in the United States.

What makes the USA such a hit among the students ? Find out below!

Top Universities

When it comes to some of the high ranked universities for higher education across the world. Times Higher Education ranks 15 American universities among its world’s top 20 universities. MIT,Stanford, Harvard and Caltech are the top 4 universities in the world according to QS World Ranking.


USA provides a many number of degrees that are ‘STEM eligible’ which allows international candidates a confirmed opportunity of staying back in the country for additional two years post completion of their degrees to gain practical training, beyond the standard allowance of one year, while students can simultaneously work for a US-based organization.

Flexibile Education System

The Credit transfer system allows greater flexibility in the US education system. Students at an undergraduate level are motivated to explore various domains and choose a major of their choice by the end of the second year. From offering a range of conventional and non-conventional majors and minors to the flexibility of choosing crouses

Diverse Range of Courses

The country offers over 2 million of programs through 4- and 2-year institutions providing Bachelor’s and Master's courses along with other programs including Doctoral, Vocational, Associate and Certificate courses.

Research and Innovation

USA is at the forefront of Research and Development in the world. According to NSF, total money spent on research and innovation by Universities was around 22 billion dollars in the year - 2015.

Employment Prospects

After the degree completion, 62% of international students secure job/placements in the USA. The median salary range after a four-year degree in the USA is nearly 61,000 to 1, 20,700 USD at the mid-career level.

Top Universities in USA

When it comes to University Rankings the USA is unparalleled, below are some of the Top Universities in USA

When to Study in USA?

US universities observe a semester-wise application cycle for applicants seeking to study in the USA.

Admissions take place in 3 semesters.

Fall semester

The semester starts late in August and ends in December or early January. Many universities offer selected courses only during the fall semester. Most of the Scholarships and job opportunities are available during this time only.

Spring Semester

Spring Semester starts in January and ends in early May. Applications are considered comparatively less than those during the fall semester. Spring applicants do not meet the eligibility for most of the applications.

Summer Semester

Summer semester is the shortest of all semesters. It's two months long. Starting in June and ending in July. Special summer programs are taught this semester.


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